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"The miracle is't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start" John Bingham

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How To Run Long Distance

How to run long distance? with a few tricks and some company, you can go the distance and still have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

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How to Sidestep the Notorious Side Stitch

Ever had to stop in your tracks because of side stitches? They can also be awfully frustrating when you’re right in the middle of a big race. Read on to find tips and tricks to prevent it from happening.

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Good day

“Everyday is a good day when you run.” – Kelvin Nelson

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A Life Time

“There will be days when I don’t know if I can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime knowing that I have” – Anonymous

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Diet Guide for Runners

Running is an effective way to lose weight, boost heart health, slow down aging, and improve strength, flexibility and stamina. But to enjoy all these health perks, it’s important to eat right. To keep up with this rigorous sport, runners need to consume healthy...

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Marathon Training Tips

The Need to Slow Down in Long Runs. A marathon-training plan that gradually builds your pace and mileage will help you finish strong.

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The Rewards of Running Doubles

Running doubles are a staple for elite runners. But among regular runners, doubles are rare. Some are wary of pushing their bodies and getting injured. Others simply don’t have extra time for a second run. What many don’t realize is that doubling up can actually work...

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5 Runners Knee Facts to Know

How many times have you had someone warn you that “running will ruin your knees”? Or have you lost count? Apparently, many people are under the impression that running regularly won’t do your knees any good. Thing is, there’s no proof to this. But that doesn’t mean...

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The Key to a Runners High

Runners high that sense of exhilaration and euphoria during a run that feels real good and easy is more of a hit-and-miss affair. As much as we seek it out, we don’t always get to revel in it. According to recent studies, the ability to achieve a runner’s high is...

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The Lowdown on Protein for Runners

Aiming for the ideal protein intake and integrating a variety of sources can work wonders for runners. Protein is central to the diet of any runner. And with the amount of training you take on as an endurance athlete, you need a fair share of this nutrient daily. But...

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