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Key Features

  • 400 Fit
  • Dynamic Gradient Compression
  • Muscle Focus
  • 50+ UV Protection
  • Warp Knit
  • A-Seams
  • Waistband Pocket
  • Adaptive by HEIQ
  • 360-degree reflective starlight material
A400 Women's Tights Sizing ChartA400 Women's Tights Sizing Chart

$219.00 $186.15


SKINS A400 Women’s Long Tights


Light up the night with Starlight.

Our A400 Starlight Women’s Long Tights include 360-degree reflectivity so you’ll stand out on every level, in any light. By day it has sleek looking graphics made from premium reflective glass bead technology. At night, the graphics come alive to make you visible to other road users from all angles.

Athletes rarely stand still and in developing our revolutionary 400 Series, we studied athletes to determine their compression requirements in motion, while static and during recovery. The result? An even better level of compression, which increases circulation and delivers more oxygen to those hard working muscles so you can train harder, perform longer and recover faster!

Are the summers too hot or the winters too cold? Our ADAPTIVE Technology will help keep you feeling comfortable no matter what the weather by cooling you down in warm conditions and keeping you feeling warm in the cold. Want more comfort and durability? Our flexible, flatter A-Seams were developed specifically for technical athletic wear and their sleek construction means they sit comfortably against your body to eliminate chafing. They’re also 30% stronger than an overlocked stitch – that’s mighty strong. The ankle cuffs feature bonded hems so they won’t dig in like some stitched hems can, resulting in a streamlined look and an even more comfortable fit. For added functionality the wide waistband offers a pocket in the back to store your key or your smart phone.

Whether it’s running, yoga or gym workouts that you’re into – the A400 Starlight Women’s Long Tights are the ideal go to tight for performance and comfort and of course they look great too!

400 FIT

A400 means 400 key fitting points was derived from over 800,000 measurements taken for male and female athletes. With this precision, a more targeted Gradient Compression is made possible.


SKINS understood that when we are in motion, our muscles move naturally. Instead on just relied on measurement over a stand still subject. SKINS take into consideration of in motion reading to account for the compression needed to deliver oxygen through blood flow. As the result of this high technology break through, lactic-acid build-up reduced giving you more power and recover faster.


All SKINS fabrics feature an advanced wicking capability keeping you comfortable and dry.


Singapore is a sunny country, similar to Australia where SKINS is born. SKINS knows how it feels training or running under the sun, thats why the fabrics chosen is a UV protection of 50+. Now you can push yourself harder under the sun longer and at a lower risks.


Memory MX fabric can be stretch and return to its original shape effortlessly. It’s high stretch elastomeric yarn, giving you performance and last lasting compression property.


For a superior performance, SKINS only uses multiple fine yarns, warp knit method on all it’s product line. This will ensure no natural stretch and to control precisely the spandex mixed’s elasticity for compression


Can be seen as far as 160 metres away, the 360-Degree Reflectivity is made from premium reflective glass bead technology. Day time this reflectivity replace by the beautiful graphics.


A-Seams sits flat against your body to eliminate chafing. Athletes loves this because eliminate chafing by sitting flat against your skins. Surprisingly, it is 30% more stronger then standard stitch among A400 series more durable.


Stay cool when it’s hot, and staying warm when it’s cool. Hey, is this possible? This unique polymer, is able to bind with moisture to keep you warm and dry when the weather is hot. But when in cold weather, it’s changes it’s properties and start releasing moisture stored by evaporation. This will in turn cools your skin down. Amazing?