KT Tape Singapore

KT Tape is used for muscle, tendon pain relief, promote healing and ligament support. This is NOT some unknown brand of cheap Kinesiology Tape, this is the high quality Kinesiology Tape or kinesio tape that you seen on TV in the Olympic games, trusted and worn by Olympians.


Relief Plantar Fasciitis with KT Tape without drugs!

Tips and Tricks for Runners with Plantar Fasciitis

What is KT Tape?

KT Tape is a brand of Kinesiology Tape which is an elastic and flexible fitness and sports tape that is designed for support of ligament, muscle and tendon pain relief.

It was first developed in the early 1970’s by a Japanese chiropractor by the name of Kenzo Kase. KT Tape came to its fame in the end of the 2008 Olympics, and a lot of companies have enhanced products from Kase’s Kineso Tex Tape from then on. Even though it can be utilized in a plethora of patterns, the tape mainly works in few considerations.

KT Tape supplements muscle support and structural protection. It can basically correct stance issues as well as boost up blood circulation not to mention the issue on lymphatic drainage. When the tape is put on in a proper manner, it attains the conclusion of these effects by simply lifting the surface of the skin to come up with a minimal space between the dermis of the skin and the muscle. Then, that space will obtain the swelling of the muscles and gives a movement of the muscle which gives way for blood to flow properly and drain toxins out of the body

Runners need it?

Pain is the primary enemy in preventing you from performing during your marathon. Some runner uses muscle pain relief spray or muscle rub cream to keep reduce pain and them going, but these products usually works for a short period of time and gives out odour and sticky residue. If you are using KT Tape, it works similarly like a gentle massage and it is very durable. For example, KT Tape original can stay at position up to 3 days. KT Tape Pro will stay for up to 7 days of 24 hour relief a day through sweat, strain, humidity, daily showers and even in pools. Yes, KT Tape can be worn in water! In additional, KT Tape also looks great!

Reduce the Pain and Heighten Your Performance with KT Tape

KT Tape Provides You Pain Relief and Support!

KT Tape archive its lightweight, external support by applying it along ligaments, tendons, and muscles, helping you to remind active while recuperating from injuries. KT Tape comes up with a neuromuscular feedback more commonly known as proprioception that simply relaxes or aids a stronger and greater exertion of tendons and muscles. This kind of feedback builds protective factors without the weight and added restriction that is traditionally coupled with heavy bracing and thick wraps. KT Tape supplements you with terminable confidence to reach your optimum performance.
Huge collection of videos on how to apply KT Tape can be found here.

What KT Tape made of?

Original KT Tape are made from a 100% full cotton sheathes whereas KT Tape Pro are made from engineered synthetic fiber which is excellent durability and water resistance. Both materials in the KT Tape Original and KT Tape Pro are designed to give uni-directional elasticity which gives freedom for the tape to stretch in length but not in width. These fibers are made to supply sturdy support minus the restricted mobility.


KT Tape is designed to last through daily showers, humidity, sweat, andthe tears of vitory! So which to choose from? Original or Synthetic? Choose KT Tape Original if you are on a light workout and requires only 1 to 3 days, good level of support. Use the KT Tape Pro if your activites require extra support from 4 to 7 days, best support or waterproofing. In additional KT Tape Pro comes with a reflective safety print that is great for night running.