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Probably the Best Running Socks Ever Invented

A lot of individuals are asking why toe socks are a lot better as compared to regular sock. Well, Ininji have come up with a simple design that is anatomically fitted for all types of foot, men and women. And the five-toe sleeve gives freedom for your toes to set naturally with its appropriate alignment, giving an awesome stability and comfort. Ininji socks only utilizes durable fibre with high quality and flexibility. It also showcases a permeable texture which allows airing. So, you will not have a problem in relation to hot and wet feet. Injinji thrives to come up with a high performance running sock by focusing on 3 key attributes, total foot utilization, moisture management and blister prevention.

So why toe socks, why Injinji?

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Total Foot Utilization

When your toe rests on its proper stance, there is an efficient chance that your body weight is being distributed evenly which gives you freedom to control your performance in an effective manner. Thus, you can be ensured that you will come up with a more efficient running and work output. With this attribute, your toes will never have any strain and thus, it will also be in its proper form.

Moisture Management

Each toe and the whole sock possess a permeable texture that lets the air circulates inside without experiencing any sweat. By this attribute, your foot will experience dryness in its optimum state allowing an efficient performance without the need to think about if your foot will be sweaty or smelly.

Blister Prevention

When in a long run, the most formidable enermy runners faced is the blister. Blister will rob you your glory at the finishing line. But with Ininji socks, skin-to-skin friction is not an issue at all with its unique 5 toe sleeves. The injinji 5 toe socks totally eliminates friction which is a primary source of blisters.

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Anatomical Five-Toe Sleeve Design It promotes appropriate stance and your balance will not be an issue and to prevent blisters
Seamless Toe box Supplements a natural feel as if you are not wearing any socks at all.
Dual Welt Band Increased compression to hold the socks in place.
Reinforced Heel Cater for durability for running
Superior Arch Support For a more secure and stable fit


Injinji Socks For Any Shoes! Literally!

The Injinji toe socks is not just only work best on any shoes, it even fits in your Vibram 5-fingers shoes. The same exact 5 toe design makes this a perfect pair.