Halo Headband Singapore

Innovative Sweatband That Solves Sweat in Eyes While Running

SweatBlock Technology

Halo Headband ‘s trademark SweatBlock Technology is considered as a sweat barricade so that you can pay close attention to training, running, cycling, or simply working out at the gym. The Halo Headband also showcases Dryline Fabric for optimum performance through absorbing moisture and avoiding sweat.
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Dryline Fabric is considered to be an excellent material that helps speed up the evaporation of moisture so that comfort and dryness is maintained. It is also durable and lightweight. To add, it is also scratch and scrape resistant. Another attribute that Dryline fabric can bring us is that it stays in shape and form despite everyday use.

Solve your sweat in eyes problem while running with Halo Headband, Sport Visor, Sport Cap or Hat


Moisture Control

What does moisture control denote to you? It simply means that the garment will aid you in wicking away the sweat so that you will be kept dry. It will also take out the perspiration in your body during the intense workout. To tell you the truth, this wicking attribute is considered to be one of the most essential features in high performance garment. It make you feel comfortable during tight scenarios.

Antimicrobial Odor Avoidance

VisaEndurance is a silver-contaied Anti-microbial. It is enhanced by silver ions which operates the growth of bad odors which causes germs and bacteria and ergo, maintains the garment smelling good. These silver ions are basically contained in a ceramic cage and are only utilized when the garment comes into contact with the person’s body.

Stain Releasing

As compared to any other synthetic garments, VisaEndurance texture release the most immovable and obstinate stains in the wash in an easy manner. VisaEndurance has a minimal chance to obtain oil and dirt from the ash water, so the colors will be more vibrant and will still stay the same. Perfect material to be use in sweatband.