CamelBak is the distributor of hydration packs to the U.S. armed forces and police across the world. Headquarter in Petaluma, California, it is most widely known for its hydration products, such as water bottles and hydration packs.

Camelbak Water bottles

CamelBak produces a type of drinking water containers, with a collapsible bite valve and a drop straw. Another range for cyclists with a middle valve, no drop straw, and a squeezable body. Reusable drinking water containers increased in recognition after water in bottles was denounced by environmentalists.

Since 2008, CamelBak bottle products have been created without BPA, a harmful chemical substance widely used to harden polycarbonate plastic material. CamelBak is the first company in its industry to avoid using BPA in every its products by using copolyester from Eastman Tritan now.