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The Affiliate Program allows you to share and recommend our high quality products, and earn with every order! It’s a great way for you to monetise your running experience.
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The Only Sports Affiliate Program in Singapore for you to monetise your experience and expertise.


Great monetising rate at 5% each successful order received

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Brands & Products to Promote

At we offer a wide range of running products. If you already using a certain brand of product and find it beneficial to share and promote. You could in a way, monetising your experience with the product.

How it Works

No website? No programming knowledge? Don’t worry, your running experience is more important!

Share it on social media

Micheal completed his very first marathon by solving his blisters on his feet problems by wearing Injinji socks. He is so happy and he would like to share his experience using Injinji socks to his friends. He simply make a post on his Facebook account :

“Injinji works! and it save my day in my very first marathon! It’s available here (”

By attaching his affiliate id “?wpam_id=3”, whenever someone click the link and buy anything on, Micheal will earn a commission for sharing his experience!


Share it on Mobile SMS/Whatsapp

John is going for his very first 10KM run. Being a rookie, he seek advise from his friend, Elvin, a marathon finisher for advise using Whatapps.

John: “Bro, next week I run for the first time any tips? What KT Tape use for?”

Elvin: “Welcome to the club bro! Keep Hydrating yourself and run at steady speed. KT Tape can be use to relax your muscle after the run, you can find it”

With the Affiliate Id attach at the back of the link, “?wpam_id=3”, when John click the link and buy anything on, Elvin will earn a commission for sharing his experience!


Write a Blog Post Review

Amy is a blogger that often participate in running events. She loves to keep her races documented and provide insight of her runs. She decided to write a review on her experience about SKINS product. Knowing carries SKINS compression products. She selected the the SKINS creative and embedded the Affiliate-Specific HTML snippet. Amy didn’t need to know html programming as the snippet was given in the Creatives Section in the Affiliates Dashboard.

When Jean, Samantha, Sally come across Amy’s blog about women running gear on SKINS A400 Tank Top, they got interested. They decided click the Affiliate Link and made a purchase. Amy earn her commission triple for sharing her experience!

30 Days Incubation

Each clicked link will be kept active for 30 days! Within this duration, any purchase will be awarded with the commission as well!!
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